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Wealth Management


Benefits of Investing in Fat Prophets Managed Accounts:

  • Diversified Share Portfolio – Cost efficient diversification, while retaining ownership of all franking credits where applicable.
  • Professionally Managed Portfolios – The portfolio of shares held within your managed account is determined by your selection of one or more model portfolios, all of which are overseen by the Fat Prophets’ investment team.
  • Transparency – Online access that offers a full breakdown of shares contained in your managed account.
  • Fully Accountable – Our portfolio managers are fully accountable for providing returns back to investors in the model portfolios.
  • Tax Reporting – The investment platform provides investors with an annual tax report prepared in accordance with ATO requirements. Tax position is not affected by other investors as each investor attracts their own cost base.

A Fat Prophets Managed Account allows you to have exposure to a well-diversified portfolio of shares while having the comfort of knowing that each model portfolio you have selected is being professionally managed by the Fat Prophets Wealth Management investment team.

When forming the Wealth Management division, Fat Prophets had the choice of a wide variety of vehicles through which to offer clients a fully managed investment solution. We landed on Managed Accounts due to the clear benefits to our clients.

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If you would like to know more about our wealth management services and performance figures, please contact our Wealth Management team:

Email: wealth@fatprophets.com.au
Phone: 1300 850 453

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